Friday, 18 February 2011

The Magic 7

My fellow Brockly knit happens has awarded me with a Stylish Blogger Award! This is indeed very exciting. When one receives a Stylish Blogger Award one must give seven facts about themselves, seven facts that a reader might not necessarily know...

My character in Morrowind - Solethe Sunspy.
1.       I am a computer games addict. Fable 3, Morrowind, Oblivion, Pok√©mon, Sims 2. The best games. And I’ve completed Morrowind/Oblivion so many times I can’t count. And in Morrowind I always meticulously decorate my houses with the objects I have found. I am a geek.
2.      I have a particular fondness for chocolate spread on digestive biscuits. Why not just buy chocolate digestive biscuits you may say. No. No, lazy person. Chocolate spread on digestive biscuits is a gorgeous combination, especially if you add raspberries on top. Gee, it’s making my mouth water.
3.      When I was little my best friends and I buried a ‘time capsule’ under a bush in my garden – the capsule itself was this wicker box thing and we included in it a leaf, a letter, and a worm.
4.      I have a Spiderman fleece on my bed and a Spiderman poster at home and a Spiderman pillow and a Spiderman bowl.
5.      When I tried to drive my dad’s fishing boat I drove it in circles. When I was much younger and my brother was driving the boat I asked, ‘But...doesn’t he need a driving licence?’
6.      I am terrified of all the end-of-the-world predictions and have reoccurring dreams that the world will flood. In one dream the HMS Victory came out of port in full regalia with some survivors on board.
7.      I love aquariums. Especially Plymouth Aquarium. Weymouth Sea-Life Centre is grand, too. Oh, and Fort Victoria. Ha.

Right, now I have given my facts, it is time to give out my awards. Because I don’t have many followers, boo, I’m going to re-send the Award to some people, but they don’t have to reveal a further seven facts, but it could be fun ;) and after that, I’m going to write down who I would like to receive an award.

Dagoth Ur looking positively old computer graphicked.
1 – My fellow Brockly knit happens, who gave me the award
2 – Marvellous Moonstruck, whose seven facts were totally great.
3 – Mystery white girl – who always comes up with fascinating things
4 – Amber Maren Johnson –because she is very interesting!
5 – Lee Pace – because I love him like billy-o.
6 – Dagoth Ur – I don’t think your character was explored enough in Morrowind, if I’m honest. Underneath that scary mask headdress thing you might actually be a fascinating person.
7 – If my best friend had a blog I would challenge her to post seven things I didn’t know about her up, seeing as I pretty much know everything already.

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  1. hee hee! thanks! By the way, it's all about the Oceanarium!