Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Bookseller and Bookmark - Falmouth

Sorry Ms Blue Vest, but you are now famous.
Falmouth Bookseller 

The seaweed painted on the windows completely drew me in and I felt as if I was stepping into a magical and unique space. 

This independent bookshop is bright and fresh, careful to keep the sea-side theme up, with bright blues and nautical-like furniture. Spanning a couple of levels, the books were well laid out, with large, friendly signs pointing you toward the relevant sections. Again, there was a huge section of local interests. 


The children’s section at the back was delightful – it was as if the books themselves were contained in a cave.


It is truly a delightful shop, with friendly service. It’s well-stocked. They have a particularly updated and versatile craft section, and brand new, sparkling Hornblower’s. As well as books they sell wrapping paper, cards and classical CDs.

Thanks mum for taking the photo!

A surprise find, this second hand bookshop is the first shop on the corner when walking up from the quay. 

It is a great shop, spanning two floors, chock a block and over brimming with books. You really get the distinct feeling that the shop has been that way for years and years – it’s a cosy, satisfactory feeling. Again, there was a long line of shelves dedicated to nautical literature. 

The books were brilliantly old, the very nice kind, and the shop was big enough to host a variety of subjects. There were some well placed posters and other memorabilia on the walls, giving the shop it’s own quirks.

 It was definitely one of the best second-hand bookshops I’ve been to – it has a great atmosphere, one that really emphasised the love that people have for books, as well as enthusiastic and helpful staff. I liked on the upper floor the pile of music books heaped on the table – perfect for really digging your hands into.

Apparently there was another bookshop in Falmouth, but unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to hunt it out.

I come to the end of my book cruise – it’s been absolutely fascinating to see how all these shops run, and gives me hope that books will be forever loved. The bookshops in Falmouth have to be the best, for both second hand and new books.

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