Thursday, 28 July 2011

Two Devonshire Indies

The Harbour Bookshop

What a pleasant surprise! The Harbour Bookshop is a cheerful independent bookshop with a really great selection of books. I love bookshops where you get a good feeling from walking into it – and this certainly was a good feeling. Out of the other shops in Kingsbridge The Harbour Bookshop is truly the most independent – I couldn’t really see any other independent establishment, and it really stood out – in a good way.


 My visit was extremely fleeting but I know that I would have had an amazing chat with the ladies behind the counter if I had the time. They were so friendly.

Also, I got to pick up some free things about books. Huzzah! The ladies at the bookshop write their own pamphlet to review books which is such an outreaching idea.

The kids section is bright and very encouraging.

An amazing shop situated perfectly, it would seem, in Kingsbridge, doing it for the indies. 

Salcombe Bookshop

Salcombe is like Cowes and Kingsbridge is more like Lymington – there are lots of higher end shops in Salcombe, and a few independent ones, too. The bookshop we stumbled upon is situated down a picturesque little ally. Unfortunately, the shop itself was quite disappointing.

Very small, I thought the shop was rather more like a brand new shed with some books shoved on some shelves. The shelves were untidy, and the place had no character.

Sorry Salcombe.

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