Thursday, 17 January 2013

Book Meme Chapter FIve

 A book that makes you happy

 A Million Chameleons by James Young

‘A little chameleon all in vermilion

Danced alone in a garden pavilion.’

...thus begins a book that makes me happy. Not only is the rhyming delicious, the words hold a deep mystery for the child who is twisting their tongue around them. What is vermilion? And why is he dancing on a pavilion?

As you turn each page the verge twists your tongue yet enables the child to guess what happens next with the simple rhymes.

On every page a million chameleons appear, and as they turn into the colours of the rainbow, they visit the zoo, the ice rink and sink in the sea.

With charming and colourful illustrations it’s hard not to be happy when reading out this bouncy poem, delighting your eyes with new features every reading.

This book was kept at my Grandmother’s house and I loved it. I can remember being extremely happy when one day she let me take it home. I could look through it every day and smile.

This book is in bad condition because of the amount of times it has been read. Maybe when I become a book conservator I can repair this: one of my most precious tomes. 

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