Sunday, 30 June 2013

Eton Antique Bookshop

Last summer I travelled to Surrey and then on to Yorkshire with the boyfriend’s family. We were staying with family friends in Surrey as they made their way to some of the athletics finals at the Olympics. Summer 2012 was fantastic, and I really, really miss the feeling the Olympics conjured.

We had a whistle-stop tour of Windsor and Eton and got excited when we saw London 2012 banners, and an Olympic Volunteer who was oblivious of her admirers as she sat eating her lunch by the river.

Eton, compared with the bustle of Windsor, was in perpetual museum stillness, not a soul around, as we admired the old school and imagined Tom Hiddlestone playing the Loki of his classroom.

In our cursory glance of Eton, we discovered one bookshop.

Eton Antique Bookshop
 88 High Street

A very crowded little second-hand bookshop, I didn’t really have enough time to explore its innards further. There were prints and pictures as well as old books.


Next time: The many, many Yorkshire bookshops discovered. It’s not as grim up there as they say.

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