Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Guestbook

When my very crafty friend Becca asked me to make the guestbook for their wedding, I couldn’t be more thrilled!

I got to practising and made a photo book with compensation guards and getting the okay from the bride meant I could crack on with it. Their wedding had a blue and green theme and I know I wanted the guestbook to look quite vintage, and it wouldn’t matter if it looked too hand-made at all! 


I brought some pale green book cloth online and some blue for the endpapers. I know I wanted decoration on the cover. I don’t have the skill or equipment to do any tooling as a binder would so instead I used transfer images I found in a crafting shop.


As you can see in this photo I used a ‘B’ instead of an ‘R’ but managed to fix it, at the same time giving the book more of a vintage feel with the use of a new toy I had just brought at the Society of Bookbinder’s Education and Training Conference.


I am so proud of the book, and of the way it opens flat!

 It looked fantastic when people were writing in it and that made me unbelievably happy. Nothing makes me happier than to see people actually using the books I make them! As well as reading all the lovely notes I hope Becca and Francis also use it as a wedding scrap book.

I had loads of compliments throughout the evening and I was smiling from ear to ear!

It was a beautiful wedding, and I loved the ethos of it: the bride’s dress, decorations, cake and guestbook were all handmade!


  1. Hey Lucy, how are things?

    I saw this & thought it was amazing. My bosses are getting married soon & I want to make one for them, could you give me any tips please? Cheers & hope all is good with you. :))

    1. Oh my goodness I've only just seen this comment!

      I'm good, thank you, how are you?

      Tips....hmmm. Compensation guards. That way the book can be a lot more than just a guest book: it can be a proper momentum, with photographs and things. Just sew in narrow strips of paper amng your normal pages.

      Also, keep it simple. Luckily Becca and Francis are in love with the same time period so I knew what I wanted - ish. Becca's creative, and so she can do what she wants with the guestbook.

      Hope I wasn't too slow on the uptake!