Sunday, 24 October 2010



I have gathered over the past year quite a few papers for bookbinding. The plain stuff is what I'll use for end papers, and the patterned stuff I'll use for covers. I like to use red and blue a lot in bookbinding.

-->Here is a book I’m binding at the moment. 
I really like this material, I’ve used it before, and I just brought a load from the material shop in town. Annoyingly, I have the skeletons of the book, but not the right parts. In trimming of the end papers to size, I accidently trimmed the fold, cutting it in two. What’s more annoying is although I have more sheets of blue, it’s not quite the same blue, and I brought the nice blue from a shop on the Island. I don’t think I’ll be able to find the same blue in Bath.

  Future books
I'm planning on making a sketchbook for my aunt's birthday (using the floral) and my brother's asked me to make a book for his dissertation notes (the green dotty one). I could use either the blue or red inside both of the books, what do people think?

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