Saturday, 25 December 2010

A Wight Christmas

I will use up the time of waiting for Doctor Who to write a post.

I had rather a good haul in regards to Christmas presents this year. I didn’t ask for anything so it was a lovely surprise to get what I did, including some useful things from ‘Father Christmas’ (a cookie jar shaped like a cup cake, don’t know how it’s going to fit in my kitchen!) and some very pretty things from various family members, including a book journal from my brother (I’m thinking about recording books I have made as well as ones I have read, maybe print pictures off of them) and a Quarr Abbey teddy bear with a monk’s hood from my aunty and a lovely bag from my other aunty.
This year, books featured as a popular present. (In fact, we probably exchange books every year, though last year I didn’t get any, a point which saddened me a lot) From my Granny I got another couple of her old books, one in French, Odes D’Anacreon with fabulous marble end-papers.

Here is a rather gorgeously crumbly Scripture Characters Being a Practical Exposition or The Histories And Events Contained in the Holy Scriptures, For the Edification of Youth. Unfortunately neither have dates in but we can probably guess from the long title that the latter is quite old.

Aunty came up top trumps with the delightful Sybil’s Book from which I found this quote: “ ‘Well, Poppy, this was quite an adventure,’ her father declared. ‘ must have been the most romantic situation in the world. A haunted tree, no tea, and then to lose your way!’ ” my collection of old children’s books is steadily growing.

Not only did I receive old books, but I gave them, too – my parents are embarking on a cruise next summer on the boat and requested coastal cruising books. I picked up one of the Country Coast Series of The Norfolk and Suffolk Coast, which dates back to 1909, for my father, a few old medieveil history books for my brother (including a fabulous pop-up-shipwreck book, he loves it)

I made a book for my other aunty, one I couldn’t wait to post up on here, because I am so proud of it. And another book that Father Christmas hasn’t delivered to my friend yet.  


Just a note to Bayntuns to say thanks for the history books as the recently deceased Whitemans where I found the coastal book. I found the pop-up book in my local pub for 50p. Do you know who else likes pop-up books? Emerson Cod. He also loves knitting.

 ‘It's a pain in the ass, though. You know, I learned it, and I can stitch one stitch, which is great, so I can make a scarf that will reach from here to the moon. But that's the one thing about the strike — that knitting, man. It's not like riding a bike. It just doesn't come back.’

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